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Handmade Soaps & Skin Care

Here at Naturally NgaRoma we strive to create the most natural of skin care and cosmetics we can. Our Handmade

Naturally NgaRoma Skin Care & Handmade Soap

Soaps & Skin Care Products are made in small batches to ensure Freshness. Our Handmade Soaps are cured for at least 5 weeks before being packaged for sale to you. This ensures the soap is super mild and extra luxurious. Our Moisturisers and lotions have no synthetic preservatives or parabens in them.


Mineral Cosmetics

In addition to wonderful Fresh, Natural Soap & Skin Care Naturally NgaRoma Mineral CosmeticsProducts we have added a range of 100% Natural Mineral Cosmetics. Mineral Cosmetics are the most natural makeup a woman can wear. They not only make your skin look natural they can also improve the condition of your skin. They have no talc, no synthetic fillers or dyes and are free from petro-chemicals & preservative. Our formulation is based on inert, naturally occurring minerals that are pulverised and blended to create a variety of products from foundations to eye shadow, eye liner, blush and lip colour to name a few. Our foundations are created in New Zealand for New Zealand women.

Try it, I know you'll love it!


"It's what's not in it that makes it good"

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